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Sachiko F.
Tucson, AZ
A positive, fulfilling experience!
“I approached Ascent Audiology & Hearing because I struggled understanding people in meetings. The background noise of people speaking at the same time made it difficult for me to hear the speaker at the microphone. In a moving car when someone would start talking, I couldn’t catch what they were saying too well. On the telephone, I kept asking others to talk slower so I could catch what they were saying. I felt something was wrong with my hearing and I needed help. I came across Ascent Audiology & Hearing and wanted to do something before the holidays.
Russell was so easy to talk to that I could ask him many questions and he gave me enough time that I didn’t feel like I was hurried. The result was more than I expected. Now my hearing is so much better when I’m in meetings and I can hear the telephone without any trouble. I also can now hear the people speaking from the back of the car.
One thing I liked was their patience and time they gave me. I feel like they really want to help me.
I found the experience to have been so very helpful.
I would recommend Ascent Audiology & Hearing to people who want to get something better from their hearing.”

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